Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mouse Report

So after placing 4 mouse traps yesterday, guess what?

I caught one mouse :)

Just where I thought I would, in the pantry by the kitchen, where there was the most activity.

So, I thought I would continue cleaning up, and good thing I did, because I found and threw out about another 100 lbs of paper and books,magazines, etc... that are no longer needed.

I also took all the blankets,and linen home to be washed.

All this cleaning up is great, hard on my back,but all in all a good thing!

Getting rid of all the junk that we really dont need to haul around is a good thing, and the clothes, wow, we had 10 of everything!

For those of you who dont have a washer/dryer in their motorhome, once you do get one, you will be amazed by how little clothes you really need to carry. We tend to wash a load every day while in the bus, so for me I can get by with just a few of everything.

Another thing I think I will get rid of, is the 50lbs of extra tiles in the back closet, thanks to the manufacturer for giving them to me, but maybe its about time they where stored somewhere else also.

Monday I am going to also clean all the food out of the other cabinets that are sealed inside the slides( mice cant get at them).

There is also all the clothes inside the back closet hanging up, they will all come out also.

After this, I will concentrate on the front of the bus, and go through all the other cabinets.

All in all, I bet we will have lightened our load by about 200 lbs or more

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