Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fox,ESPN coverage of the 1st two Nascar Races

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the coverage of the race this past weekend.....stunk.

First off, we are watching the Busch race on tv at California Speedway this weekend, and I am sitting watching Brent Musberger another guy whos name escapes me but I know he is an old crew chief, and another guy who looks like a basketball player.

So Brent Musberger is talking, and I say.." why is he here, and the other guy who I said looked like a basketball player?...well he starts talking about.... you guessed it, basketball..!"

So, just at that moment, my wife walks into the room, looks at the tv, and
says..." whats up with this?"

Then this guy starts to compare nascar to basketball?

and Brent

and lets not talk about Nextel Fan Pass, you know those extra channels that you have to subscribe to, man what a dissapointment these last two races, give us back what we had last year!

And lets not forget about Fox and this new 3d thing, what a joke!

Remember when Fox started to cover hockey a few years ago, and they added that blue streak behind the puck?

They got laughed out of Canada!

Lets not get into the cameras on the track, hey are all the camera operators drunk or something? Man I am getting vertigo watching!

Smarten up guys and do the job properly!


John Hanna said...

Musberger was a little rusty...give him another week/two.

The basketball a former basketball guy...but is also a former NASCAR team owner. He is actually really good, as is Tim Brewer...the name of the guy whose name escaped you.

I think Fox's 3d thing is a joke myself...but ESPN's coverage of the races are good. It is good to have the Doc back, and Rusty Wallace is a lot better than DW in my book. ESPN is treating the coverage as a sporting event--while FOX continues to treat it like a show.

ESPN at least gives the viewers a little respect.

Don said...

Amen to that. I mean what is in comman with basketball and Nascar?
I thought TNT's coverage was not all THAT good. Ummm till ESPN took it over. Maybe I am just a FOX nut. It kills me when they lose the coverage 1/2 way through the year. I donno what is worse. ESPN's coverage. Even RUSTY isnt that good. Or direct TV's HotPass where the announcers talk to much about (their driver) and drowned out the reason I want to listen to it. In car audio.
Don & Debbie