Saturday, February 17, 2007

Craftsman Truck Race at Daytona International Speedway

A great race, and wow what a finish, just when you thought you knew who was going to win, bam, the trucks showed why they are so popular, things can change so quickly. One thing you can notice with the trucks, they can get up to speed a lot quicker than the cars can, with the extra 200 HP and all.

So, in keeping with my thread from yesterday, any more spotter concerns?

Well, Wallace, Bodine and Clanton all had situations that could have been avoided.

Lets look at Daytona and its challenges shall we?

To begin with, it is a huge track, this is not like a short track where you can read all the sponsors decals all the way around the track.

Hey its just racing right?

Depends if you want to look at it this way or look at it from a safety perspective.

So, what can be done to make it safer and easier for the teams and drivers?

Well maybe we look to tv cameras like those on the blimp for help.

Its not a big stretch for this to be done, have a second camera, or the same one, followed by a lcd monitor either in the spotters area, or pit box. This would allow the spotters to see real time closing speed distance and judgement on speed of approaching cars. It would also give them a view that they cant see at all presently, that being the closing speed and area of possible contact with cars approaching from the rear and the angles that they are approaching from.

This is all about safety, and saving lives, not mention saving teams huge dollars on cars not being smashed up!

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