Tuesday, February 06, 2007

1st Annual Lake Lloyd Cup Golf Tournament

Last year we organized a golf tournament for the people staying in Lake Lloyd during Speedweeks, and we had a great time at the LPGA International where we played the Champions course which was designed by Rees Jones.

Gathering at the 1st tee

Getting ready to tee off

On the 1st tee

Dave has a sweeeeet swing!!

The carts had the new GPS computer screens which where pretty cool.

That swing right there ended up costing me about $ 500.00 a week beforehand over in Kissimmee, thats my driver, who got a hole-in-one,after buying a plaque, and drinks for the clubhouse folk. He used a 5 wood on a par 3 about 150 yards, yes kind of girly-man, but hey whatever works right!

Pretty cool stuff!

Now thats a big Gator!

I actually have a video clip of this Gator also, and the neat thing is in the background you can hear the cars at Daytona!


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