Saturday, July 12, 2008

Richard Petty Speaks-It's All About The Fans

Richard Petty without a doubt is the most respected voice of NASCAR, when THE KING SPEAKS people listen.

If they dont listen they are stupid.

Blunt, but here I am as a NASCAR fan, president and founder of this website, a RV'er, an entrepreneur, and I am wondering why NASCAR and the racetracks themselves dont listen when the KING SPEAKS.

Here is a run down and how I think NASCAR has basically dug a hole for themselves, and is now trying to dig themselves out of it.

NASCAR has learned a lot about marketing, and many can learn from them.

But, after awhile the hype starts to look and sound questionable, especially if you cant back up the claims that you make.

This I can speak from experience and knowledge as I own a marketing and advertising company.

The hype has reached an all time high, but then again it gets more and more each race lately so I reserve that statement for a later date.

But, when does the fan say, " how stupid do you think I am"?

The anger has risen each year as NASCAR and many attached to it, simply keeps putting prices up, and as many state take more away each and every year.

Things came to a boiling point this year with the Daytona 500 and the false advertising they did, and the clubhouse at Lake Lloyd being taken away from them.

This started a flurry of media activity, and cost them alot, especially after the unethical way they handled the entire affair.

From a personal level, it cost them about $ 100,000.00 in lost revenue for next years race as my entire group will not be going back.

It also cost them a documentary being planned, " The road to Daytona-The first 50 years."

We where ready to go and then my phone rang , friends in Daytona told me the bad news about what Daytona did.

One associate had his bus being driven down by his driver, my driver was ready to go, all the supporting cast was ready, and then the bombshell dropped.

So, the first thing that NASCAR needs to do is clean up its own shop and return to a ethical and moral running of all its operations, and in that I mean the tracks, vendors, and of course themselves.

I shut down when I get faced with immoral actions, its the business that I am in, I cant and wont associate with others that are no on the up and up.

The coverage and sponsorship dollars lost because of what happened at Daytona will be felt for a long time, many people will never return.

What action has Daytona taken so far?-nothing.

Now, lets fast forward to today.

Richard Petty's first race in the Cup series was in Canada.

Canadians are the number 2 fan base in NASCAR.

As a matter of fact, I will tell you a secret that I have never done before and that is the viewership statistics of this website.

United Sates is first, Canada is second, and Mexico?, down in 6th place.

The States takes 80% viewership of this site, Canada is at 15%.

So, lets look at this relationship shall we?

First off, I would hazard a guess that I am the biggest Canadian NASCAR fan.

This through what I have done with this website, and in turn the relationship I have with NASCAR and all its operations attached to it.

As a philanthropist, I have given a lot financially to organizations in and around NASCAR, one needs to look no further than my relationship with MRO, and recently our group raised the most funds for the NASCAR Foundations annual Track Walk at Texas.

This is advertised on our front page.

Not bad for a Canadian huh?

Now, if you want to talk money, I wont tell you the exact funds spent, but on a ticket buying base alone, this comes to over $ 100K annually.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

So, lets look at our fan base and see how we are treating them shall we?

Dont forget what The KING said, " Its all about the fans"

This weekend we are racing in Chicago as you know, and think about how close it is in relation to Canada here.....

Chicago wont ship tickets to Canada......

Last year they said "you can pick them up at will call, we dont ship to Canada"

What a way to treat 15% of Nascars Fan base, no wonder I cancelled my account and in fact never even went to the race as I felt like I was being treated like scum.

Going to will call with a 45 foot bus towing a car is no easy thing, and totally unnacceptable.

Lets now look at how NASCAR and everyone else treats Canadians.

Time and time again, I cant even order merchandise on-line from the NASCAR store and all its affiliates. Now lets not even talk about the tracks or second or 3rd level marketing organizations.

The NASCAR members group?, it was not even open to Canadians!

As a marketing person, this is totally embarrasing, NASCAR is speaking out of both sides of its mouth at times it seems.

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