Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Mighty Cummins ISX

I took a new rig out for a test drive today, something I have been waiting for years to do and that was to test drive the new Cummins ISX engine.
Wow I dont know where to begin.
For me its all about the engine, tires and transmission, I could care less about the interior stuff.
Heck I dont even remember the colours inside.
The coach was a brand new 2007 model still on the lot a 45 foot Holiday Rambler Navigator 4 slide model.
This coach came with the new Cummins ISX engine.This engine is like a 426 Hemi, man the power!
Its a nice feeling knowing that you are driving a coach with the worlds biggest engine in it.
The amount of power from a standing stop is awesome, and going up a grade did not even make it miss a beat, its like nothing was there.
The Chedoke Expressway I usually labour up at 50 mph today I did 65 and hardly had the pedal down at all.
What really impressed me was the engine braking system, Cummins decided to make their own this time around, no pac or jake brake, they made up an entirely new one, they call it an " Intebrake or Integrated Brake System., operated if I remember right on two overhead cams.
The system has a low and high position. Low shuts down 3 cylinders high shuts down all 6.
This system is so powerful, they should add a middle position and change it to 2 4 and 6 cylinders.
Coming up to a stop light I decided to turn it on where I usually do, and was forced forwards in my seat by the amount of braking torque this engine has.
It was awesome to say the least.
A few miles later I came upon a stop sign where I usually turn left to head to Niagara Falls, its in rural Ontario a sleepy corner in Ontario, a town called Bismark.
No big German battleship here, just a school, a restaurant a few scattered houses, and a crossroads. Some may remember the old go-cart track, we used to stop here as teenagers on the way to Welland to watch the flat track racers.
I turned the brake on where I usually do with my coach, and was slowed almost to a crawl a good thousand feet before the stop sign!!!This coach is awesome I am thinking!!!
When I started to head down our mountain I could hardly wait to try it out and again, I was pleasently surprised, the brake was so powerful I had to turn it off half way down the hill.
So, the bottom line is this, after driving over 200 rigs of all types, driving the new Detroit series 60 515 HP, The cummins ISM, and now the ISX, if you have an option make sure you get the ISX.
The braking confidence this gives you alone is well worth it.

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