Sunday, March 09, 2008

More on Tony Stewarts lashing of Goodyear

In a seperate interview I just heard Tony Stewart says he is going home and taking off all his Goodyear tires on his cars and vehicles and installing Firestones instead.

He even suggested that if this is the best that Goodyear can do that they should get out of racing and go back to building car tires only.

He then retracted that idea and said maybe that is not a good idea either.

Several other drivers also piped in and said it was the worst tire ever they have driven on.

Although their where not a lot of accidents today contributed to the tires, there where spin outs, wall rubs and a lot of looooooooooose cars out there.

On this one I commend Tony Stewart for speaking out, as an Rv'er, tires are the biggest complaint motorhome owners have with their rigs, if only we had some good tires on our million dollar rigs we would stop blowing tires, and more lives would be saved.

Is anyone listening out there?

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