Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Undersized Tires and Overweight Coaches

That sums up what is happening more and more in the RV industry lately.

Today my buddies front drivers tire on his Holiday Rambler Navigator blew to shreds.

His driver was taking his coach down to Daytona for the race.

All tires where up to spec specified air pressure, checked daily, blah,blah blah.

Now, this coach in particular has become an overweight Hippo lately, I remember only 7 years ago this coach had over 10,000 lbs CCC. The same coach today is less than half of that.

I put the blame squarely on Monaco Coach Corporation, they have lied repeatedly on making the product updates they they have promised to this coach and here lies the exact reason why they should have put bigger tires on this beast of an RV.

Firts off, I hate anyone that is a liar and Monaco/Holiday Rambler are liars plain and simple.

Tough words you say?

Not really when you understand that the head guy for product improvement made the promise and failed to deliver on them.

Why oh why do RV manufacturers think that we as Rv'ers are stupid is beyond me. With the power of the Internet today you can no longer hide behind slick salesmen and the lies that the factory tells them to say.

I have always said " people lie, numbers dont.."

When a coach comes in with a very low CCC, what do you do to fix it?

Well the easiest way is to put bigger tires,axles and bags on it, thats how you do it.

What you dont do is blow the tire up to its maximum tire pressure, this gives a tank like ride to the coach.

So, Monaco/Holiday Rambler and others listen up, start to put some bigger tires on your coaches will ya?

Monaco already lost out on 3 potential sales because of this, my buds went elsewhere.

Afterall, how hard is it to put a 315 tire on the coach?

Is the safety of your customers not worth it?


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