Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jacques Villeneuve to withdraw from Nascar

Corporate Canada listen up. Are you going to let Jacques return home without a fight?

Outside of the United States Canada is the biggest watcher on TV and participant in Nascar.

Through this website alone Canadians account for 20% of all traffic, and the United States 79%.

That leaves 1% for the rest of the world to fight over.

So, why is it the Canadian Advertisers have not flocked to Villeneuve?

Well, 1st off there has not been a lot of press about him, but bigger to me is Jacques lack of grasping what he needed to do to get the acceptance of sponsors and the fans.

As soon as I heard Jacques was thinking of going to Nascar I knew this was going to turn into a problem.


I never thought Jacques had the proper attitude or "persona" if you will for the fans and sponsors to grab onto.

Anyone in Politics in a big way know when you need to " handle" your candidate and "shape" him so the public will like him better, and with Villeneuve I never saw that happen.

In the last week my fears where confirmed more, with what I saw and learned.

I hope I am proved wrong, but there is a lesson to be learned here for all aspiring Nascar drivers, this isnt like any other form of motorsports you need to be schooled in " Nascar "
and know how to make it in this motorsport league.

Corporate Canada open those pocketbooks will ya?

As a Canadian it hurts to write this, maybe there is a calling for a new business here for me to explore?

Patrick Carpentier?

You can sleep tonight you got the package.

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