Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Intimidator Series 3

At the Barret Jackson auction tonight the RCR Dale Earnhardt Intimidator was presented, this car with the serial number being "3" is a one off and also came with an extra engine.

One of Dales cars race cars preceded the car being auctioned onto the stage, which was a nice touch. Richard has 43 of Dales Cars in his museum back in North Carolina.

The car auctioned off was a 1969 Chevy Camaro Coupe, with a 427 producing 600 HP, RCR series 3, Block # 140 . The car has the engine that Dale Earnhardt used in the Daytona 500 in 2000. This engine was in the RCR museum, but RCR took it out of retirement and put it into this very special car. The engine was detuned some with a different carburetor and intake manifold to allow it to be run on the street. I am not sure of what the hp is of the engine in the car, I think what Barrett Jackson reported was that of the second engine.

The second engine even had the Intimidator series 3 logo on the valve covers. The engine is a brand new 427 crate engine. Most likely if someone whom wanted to drive this car would drop this engine into the car and save the other one. I could see an electric choke on it, so you know it could be used on the street.

Whomever bought this car no doubt might also want to think about saving the second engine as well, this alone might at some point turn into a very valuable investment for somebody.

This car also will be the only one called " The Intimidator" said Richard Childress

Only 50 cars in total will be built.

The package sold for $ 575,000.00

Several tickets where also thrown in.

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