Saturday, February 10, 2007

The New Fanzone at Daytona International Speedway

This is the entrance to the new fanzone, which is located on the infield by the Daytona 500 club. You can walk there if you are on the infield, or take the shuttle.

On the left side you can shop to your hearts content, check the hours of oepration as you come in, as they change. I suggest if you are looking to buy a Daytona 500 jacket, that you go in first and see if they have your size. If not they might be able to get it from you, or more important they might only have one or two of a certain size, so you might want to buy it right away. All this aside, buy your stuff after you have seen everything inside the fanzone, so you do not have to haul all your stuff around!

They did a very nice job on all the landscaping.

These guys sure are tall!

Tables and chairs to relax

Entrance to Victory Lane

Fans can even get there picture taken with the cup!

Want to see more?

Come to our website and take a look around, if you really want to get involved, join our fan forum its the largest Nascar Camping Campsite around!!

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