Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Campground and RV Park Reviews

So here we are plowing the highways and by-ways of North America, staying at different campgrounds and Rv parks along the way, so I thought all along why not write about them at the same time?

Why you ask?

Easy, not many people who rate these parks drive the type of rigs like I do, so relying on the books and reviews by others sometimes is like flying blind in a storm.

Also, many rely on the same parks for advertising dollars, so its easy to see that at times their reports are rather...questionable.

The criteria I have for parks is simple, so if you have a rig like I do, then you may find the reviews helpful. If you dont, you still will find them helpful, as I will report on the services that the entire park has for other types of rigs also.

I drive a 40 foot Diesel Pusher with 3 slides, and I tow my car behind, so I always like pull-thrus. I also prefer higher end parks with pools and playgrounds for my daughter. I dont penny-pinch when looking for a overnight spot, and I dont sleep in parking lots. 80% of the time I have the biggest rig in the campground. Now that 45 foot rigs are being allowed in Ontario guess what? yup, we probably will spring for a 2008 45 foot rig next. What this does is make it even harder for us to find a campground that meets what we need.

Do I read and use other campground directories?

Yes, I use Trailer-Life as a general guide and place to start.

But, there is always room for improvement, and in some places a lot of improvement.

Case in point, if you read Trailer Life, you will know their rating system of 3 numbers, like 6/8/9. A perfect park is rated 10/10/10.

Here in Canada we have one yes 1 campground rated 10/10/10.

So, I am sure you get the point how hard it is to get a rating like that.

But, what is in a rating you ask?

Well, I am not going to go into details how its done, but rather I want to share with you a story about how the numbers do not always add up.

For years I tried to get into a RV park south of Titusville on I-95 which had a perfect 10/10/10 rating. After 4 years of trying, I finally made it to the park to check it out.

Boy, was I glad I did.

There was no way I would ever had stayed in that park, not even if you paid me to.

What a disaster that was , I am so glad I went ahead to do a site inspection before paying for a spot there and regretting it. We where going to book for a 1-2 week period, and if we did and arrived there, we would have left after 1 day, and oh by the way, they had a no refund policy.

So, on our website look soon for the beginning of something that hopefully will grow into something great!

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Randy Charles Morin said...

Awesome blog. I'm an RVer that hopes someday to camp inside an oval.

Anonymous said...

Florida, Brooksville / Spring Hill

Stayed here and loved it!! Lots of things to do! The new owner Jim is just finishing a 1 million dollar renovation. New Clubhouse, upgrading electrical etc. He let us stay free because he had trucks doing tree work while we were there. He is a nice guy and wants to attract new business but he doesn't allow RV's older than 12 years. The place is gorgeous with 100 year oaks and a spring fed lake. Check them out at RVcountryclub.com.