Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Today was a day all about Daytona, so I thought I would put in a picture of me presenting a Daytona 500 jacket to the winner of my 1st annual pool tournament which is held in our clubhouse at Lake Lloyd.

Besides the pool tourney, I also host a " meet and greet" , a Valentines day party for the ladies at night, a couple karaoke parties, ( thanks to the boys from Charlotte!!!)

Last year we even had a innaugral charity golf tourney at the LPGA International.

I also for the last 2 years have brought in the fighter pilots as my special guests from 325 Fighter Wing whom are based out of Tyndall,Florida.

In 2005 number 4 gave us a wave during the fly-by, which was enjoyed by all!

So, for those that are new to Lake Lloyd this year, we hope you enjoy the activities we have planned:)

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